Voke’S Analysis:

Vendor Strengths

ƒ Engineers quality products for quality professionals, and is the only vendor with an all in-house designed and developed product portfolio.

ƒ Possesses a holistic vision of what software quality means across all disciplines of the lifecycle.

ƒ Architects products to integrate well and solve enterprise-grade demands of size, scale, and complexity.

ƒ Invests in innovation to solve complex enterprise problems.

Vendor Opportunities

ƒ Lead the way for the testers of today to become software quality advocates.

ƒ Demonstrate why quality matters through business-centric success testimonials.

ƒ Expand the Parasoft mindset of quality and client success across the partner ecosystem.

Consider this vendor if your organization is:

ƒ Committing to quality as a priority in your business through the adoption and use of enterprise-grade product offerings.

ƒ Seeking a partnership with a quality-centric software company with a relentless focus on innovation and client satisfaction.

ƒ Evaluating or expanding service virtualization use to be a part of the lifecycle across domains and roles.

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